Zision Writes:

If chili powder comes from chilis, where does baby powder come from?

The Voices Reply:

Stinger: Hmm... interesting question...

Reaper: Um... do you really want to know?

Stinger: You're squeamish? Fine. I'll tell him. First, despite what most people think, you don't kill the babies.

Conscience: That is better then I was expecting...

Stinger: Yes, no killing the babies. You just force-feed them a mixture of corn meal, flour, and soy-milk until they die from their stomach expanding beyond it's limits. No executions involved. Makes it easier on the employees.

Conscience: Oh of course. We couldn't have guilt-ridden baby-killers, now could we?

Stinger: You do understand! Now then, the feeding mixture they are given does a pretty good job of drying out most of their body after the stomach bursts and it is spread through-out the blood. The body is then ground together with more flour, and some baking soda. Voila! Baby powder!

Conscience: Um... ick...

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