What Do Girls Talk About When Guys Aren't Around?

    The short answer is that your worst fears are probably true.

    For the long answer, think about this: What kinds of things do we NOT talk about when guys are around? Things like sexual details, what we love and hate about the men we're with, feminine hygiene, and so on. All the subjects that are taboo when guys are around become fair game when two or more of us get together and all guys are out of earshot. You thought your girlfriend was shy and reserved, huh? Nope, chances are, only around you.

    You probably know how much we hate it when you look at other women or talk about how hot they are, right? Well, once the men are gone, we do the same. We talk about which guys are repulsive, which ones are hot, and which ones we really want to have sex with. Because we trust each other implicitly, we're willing to spill all of your embarassing little secrets. (Sleep well tonight knowing that your girlfriend's friends know exactly what you say when you talk in your sleep.) 

    Yes, we critique our men in intimate detail. Your girlfriend probably gave you a good review, but her girlfriends probably recommended that she dump you and play the field anyway. You should be glad you didn't hear this conversation; your mind would implode and your poor little ego would disolve away.

    We admit to each other that we really like sex. It's true, we want to have sex about as much and as often as men do, assuming the sex is good. We like to keep that on the down-low because we can use sex to get you to do our bidding. It's all part of our plan to enslave men and take over the world.

    But perhaps I've said too much now. Until next time!

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