Why Won't Girls Admit to Masturbating?

    Girls are raised to be more modest. If we talk about masturbating, we open ourselves up to harassment about it by immature guys (and other girls). We'd be giving you a mental image of us that we don't want you to have, and you probably don't deserve.

    Women can just as easily ask men, “Why are you so open about your masturbation habits?” I can tell you that the mental image of a guy whacking it just isn't that appealing. It's one of those societal double standards, but it is changing over time. More and more women every year are buying fun vibrating devices and talking about how they use them.

    And keep in mind, admitting to masturbation is not a universal thing even among men. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who are too shy to admit to their self-love—but not ones who write for this site.

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