Vansen Writes:

Dear Voices,
        As I sat here pondering upon the world, I began to think about where people come from.  I looked at my family and my best friends family and I saw a similar likeness.  Both our families had both a mother and a father.  So, I pondered upon this idea, I know we start out as babies and our parents help mature us into full blown adults, but there must be something before babies and what I would like to know is Where do babies come from?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: We have spent a long time pondering this, and we believe that no one really knows. There are just too many different theories going around. Some say a stork comes and brings the baby. Some say that a baby must be ordered and shipped through the mail. Some even think, for some odd reason, sex must be had to get a child. Using these as a guide, we have come up with our own theory.

Conscience: Should I be worried?

Reaper: Probably. Anyway, we believe that first, your parents must call in an order for a Stork. Once the order is processed, a Stork is sent to the wannabe parents house. 

Stinger: Yes. When the Stork arrives, he is then asked to call in an order for an over-night delivery of a baby. The Stork is always reluctant, so he agrees only if he can have sex with the soon-to-be mother. 

Reaper: Precisely. After the deed is done, so to speak, he puts the request for the baby in his "To do" box, and forgets about it for 9 months.

Stinger: Exactly. Eventually he starts to think about just how good that sex was, and it reminds him of the never processed order-form. He sends it in through the proper channels, and pretty soon a baby comes to their door.

Conscience: You are aware that my last host-body was a doctor. I could actually tell you how it works.

Reaper: We know how it works. We just said how it works. Shut up.

Conscience: But that isn't how it wor-

Reaper: That is how it works. Shut up.

Conscience: But I-

Reaper: You have got to be the dumbest smart-guy I have ever met. Shut up.

Conscience: Um... ok...