Triumph Writes:

Is it truly possible to actually shove your fist up your ass?

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: I am sickened and appalled by your question! 

Stinger: Oh... I try for years, you just call me a pervert. He asks one question and you are sick and named Paul.

Conscience: Why do I talk to you people?

Reaper: Because you can't leave... and you also can't keep your damn mouth shut for one minute. 

Conscience: Yes I can!

Reaper: I'll bet ya can't.

Conscience: Deal!

Reaper: Good. This is just the right question for it, too. Now then, Weither or not you can shove your fist up your ass depends of several different factors, right Stinger?

Stinger: Why yes. 

Reaper: Would you name a few for us?

(Conscience is obviously uncomfortable)

Stinger: Well... one would have to be... LUBRICATION!

(Conscience gasps)

Reaper: Hmm... interesting... Any more?

(Conscience gulps)

Stinger: Well... I'm not sure how to put this delicately...

Reaper: Oh, you should edit yourself... but not too much. As long as we don't violate obscenity laws, we are pretty much free from retaliation.

Stinger: Oh, well in that case. Another indication would be the mass of the objects moving through the anus.

(Conscience starts to cry)

Reaper: Hmm... interesting... can you elaborate?

(Conscience whimpers)

Stinger: Well... If you eat a lot of thick foods, your excretions would work... or if you have shoved smaller thing up th-

Conscience: ALRIGHT YOU WIN!!! You are right! I can't sit here without stepping in! You guys repulse me!

Stinger: About fucking time!

Reaper: One small step for a voice, one giant leap for perverts everywhere...