Superorc Writes:

which one of the voices thinks of all the clone pics??

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Well... a legitimate question. A rare jewel. Anyway, I am not responsible for those pictures... But I don't know which one of these rejects gave him the idea... but I know how to find out... I'll just tell you how it is done and see what happens. Our host the goes and takes about 5 pictures and then he-

Reaper: No he doesn't. He takes one picture. Just one picture of multiple clones.

Conscience: Uh... yeah... right... anyway, after he takes these pictures, he then enlists the services of a graphic editing pro-

Stinger: Graphics viewing program. He has to make sure the picture of him and his clones come out right before he places it on this wonderful site.

Conscience: Um... ok... I'm starting to get it now... after the use of this graphics program, he then puts the picture up on a simply bazaar-

Reaper: Simply wonderful portion of this site, located at where everyone can enjoy his many pant-less clones.

Conscience: All right! That's it! You both did it, didn't you?!? 

Stinger: Um... well... kinda...

Reaper: Um... I kinda gave him the whole clone idea... But I'm not responsible for the whole without-pants thing! 

Stinger: Hey! I allowed the censored bars! Besides, it would just be sooooo fucking dull with just a bunch of clones... You needed a gimmick, damn it!!! You should be thanking me!!!

Conscience: I thank you for the censored bars! Nothing more! This whole thing looks like an advertisement! 

Stinger: Hmm... Ain't that something... I wonder how that happened... amazing... Quite interesting...

Reaper: Yeah... what a coincidence... did I mention that it could be found at

Conscience: Stop it!