Rags Writes:

Why are women controlling

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: He's only asked two and I am seeing a pattern in this guys questions...

Reaper: I don't know what you are talking about, conscience. He is obviously quite intelligent to realize how manipulative all women are.

Conscience: Again, I'm staying out of this one. 

Reaper: Good.

Stinger: Why are they controlling? Simple. They like power.

Conscience: Here we go...

Stinger: Weren't you staying out of this? Shut up. Ok, you see, for a long time women were treated as sex slave. They were expected to stay in the kitchen barefoot and only to leave when they needed to squat down and pop out a baby. Then all of a sudden, that bitch Susan B. Anthony came along and changed things...


Editors Note: All jokes aside, nothing written in this or any other question like it is to be taken seriously. I am an equalist. Susan B. Anthony did great things. I'm glad the woman right movement happened. Etcetera, etcetera, don't kill me. 

Reaper:  Shut up! You're worse then the fucking pant companies lawyers! Go on, Stinger.

Stinger: Now then, when the women got their freedom from oppression and all that other bullshit, they wanted more... they seemed to want revenge... so they learned that they could make us their slaves just by showing some leg or by wearing a low-cut shirt... basically they learned a way to have us by the balls without literally getting a handful and pulling.

Reaper: Well put.

Stinger: Thank you.

Conscience: Oh... when the feminists come I hope they hurt you...

Reaper: Hmm... well when we hear a bunch of motorcycles come and see butch women in leather and chains, I'll be sure to get the fuck outta here.