Rags Writes:

Why are women evil?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Ah what a good question!!! 

Conscience: I would just like to say upfront that I am in no way responsible for any opinions stated here. Don't hurt me.

Reaper: Pussy.

Stinger: Anyway, the answer to that question is quite simple. Women are evil because they want control.

Conscience: Once again, I am not to be held respons-

Reaper: Shut up.

Stinger: Women wish to make you their slaves. They figure by using a combination of good looks and the promise of sex, they can get us to do anything they want. They are evil because they are right.

Reaper: Sing it, brother!

Stinger: "Oh! I dropped my books! Can you pick them up for me?" "Oh! I don't know this! Can you help me figure it out?" "Oh! I'm a selfish she-devil! Can you rip out your testicles and put them on a plate for me?"

Conscience: Don't you think you are reading too far into this?

Reaper: Sympathizer!!

Stinger: But you can't say no to them! You do what they ask! It doesn't matter what it is! All they have to do is bat their eye-lashes... or wear a tight fitting sweater... or show a long, smooth, supple, creamy, long, smooth, supple, creamy, long, smooth, sup-

Reaper: Snap out of it!

Stinger: -leg and they have you! Oh yes... they have you... them and their wonderful wash-board abs and pouty lips and-

Reaper: Dammit stop, you horny bastard! That is why women are evil! Look what they did to him!!!