The "Holy Shit, You're A Guy!" Prank

                    Ok, Ya see, I play a couple of computer games. I will occasionally hang out in a chat room for these games. One day, someone who had no idea where he was came in and asked if any cute girls wanted to cyber (Cyber: Cyber sex. An extremely stupid thing). Since I'm not one to pass up an opportunity for a joke, I told him I was an 18 year old Swedish supermodel named Inga. I expected him to get the joke and leave... he didn't... here is what happened...

Session Start: Thu Jun 01 22:23:24 2000
Session Ident: youngn 

<youngn> ok 

<youngn> what do u have on

<Stinger> you start

<Stinger> I'm not wearing anything right now

<youngn> well do u have a dildo

<Stinger> No I dont, I just use my hand

<youngn> well go get an ice cube

<Stinger> ok

<Stinger> got one

<youngn> now take it and rub allover u self for 1 2 min

<Stinger> how long?

<youngn> are u doing it

<Stinger> yes

<youngn> now take it and rub u pussy with it

(Editors Note: I was hoping that he wouldn't get... well... this descriptive at all, but I couldn't start screwing with his head until after he at least believed I was a girl, so I had to endure it without being an asshole. It was painful.)

<Stinger> butits cold

<youngn> now take it and shove it in upussy

<Stinger> But it is cold

<youngn> ya but do it u bitch

<Stinger> bitch? What do you mean bitch? How dare you?

(Editors Note: I figured this was a good way to defuse him a bit...)

<youngn> well u wanna cyber so do what i say bitch

<youngn> this is how i am ok

<youngn> now rub it on ur ass

<Stinger> Shove an ice cube up your ass while your at it! Do you think that's sexy?!?

<youngn> now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<youngn> bitch do it

<youngn> bye

<youngn> ur now fun

<Stinger> Shove an ice cube up your ass if you want to play

<Stinger> what's a matter honey, dont you love me any more?

<youngn> well u going to do whati say or not

<Stinger> So that's all I am to you? Inga is just good for sticking ice in orifices?

<Stinger> Well?

<Stinger> That's all I'm worth?

<youngn> send me ur pic and ill see what ur worth hunny ok

<Stinger> Why, so you can jerk off to it? You little pervert!

(Editors Note: I obviously wanted to refrain from showing him any pictures at this point. Wouldn't want him to notice that "Inga" the supermodel is actually a short, nerdy guy.)

<youngn> ya

<youngn> why

<Stinger> I'm just playing with ya baby, you know you want it...

<Stinger> How old are you, boy...

<youngn> how old are u

<Stinger> 18, remember?

<Stinger> I'm an 18 year old Swedish girl named Inga. Damn I'm sexy                   

(Editors Note: I thought that by this time he would have gotten it and left...)

<youngn> im 16

<Stinger> oooh... young blood...

<youngn> ya hunny

<Stinger> call me when you hit puberty

(Editors Note: Here I was trying to break it off because I was already struggling to type between laughing fits, but he apparently didn't want it to end...)

<youngn> oh

<youngn> im all the man u need 

<youngn> im 8in hunny

<Stinger> Ok... one side is in inches, the other is in centimeters... I think you got the wrong side...

<youngn> ill make u cry hunny

<Stinger> or laugh...

<youngn> no cry hunny

<Stinger> with pity?

<youngn> why dont u send me ur pic and ill see if ill make u cry

<Stinger> Because all of the nude pics of myself are censored

<youngn> what

<Stinger> ya see, all the nude pictures of myself that are going around the web are censored

(Editors Note: I figured he wasn't going to stop asking for my picture... so since I didn't think I could drag him along much longer anyway...)

<youngn> i dont do that i keep them my self

<Stinger> Well I publish them and I am shy... 

<youngn> plz send and ill see if u should be shy ok

<Stinger> I'll send you a link... but I'll wan you, I'm quite butch...

<Stinger> You see, I am alot of woman... as a matter of fact I am a cloned woman... there are alot of me... here is a picture. I'm the one without pants.

<youngn> ok

<youngn> are u going to send them to me plz do


<youngn> are they free

<Stinger> you could say that

<youngn> fag

<Stinger> why honey, your feelings have changed?

Session Close: Thu Jun 01 22:52:46 2000

                    Conclusion: I couldn't resist... he kept asking for pictures... eventually I just had to show him the pictures of me and "my butch twins". It's just one of those impulses I guess I have to learn to fight.