I live in a tiny city in North Carolina, smack in the Bible Belt where everything basic to my life is criticized and spat upon. The only good thing about living here is my girlfriend. For some reason, unknown to even the Gods themselves, I chose to live down here knowing damn well I'd be harassed and outcast within 2.5 seconds. 

     When a "Public Display of Affection" took place between myself and my girlfriend, You'd think I threatened them all with a 12-gauge sawed off shotgun. The guys yell "Dyke" and "Queer". The girls talk behind our backs and ignore us completely. We've come to the conclusion that we must have the plague. It is obviously contracted through speaking to us or looking at us, but is especially contagious when the lesbians are present in numbers. When the girls in my dorm scurry away like small, afraid animals, you figure there must be something seriously contagious about what you are doing. 

     We call this, The Lesbionic Plague and if you continue reading, you might become a lesbian too...

Chapter 1; Pansies

Chapter 2; No Poking, Please

Chapter 3; Lesbian Sex

The Lesbionic Plague will no longer be continued.

Thank you for reading.

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Written By; Brynn Taylor
Edited By; Josh Johnson

Copyright Josh Johnson, All Rights Reserved