About a year ago, a friend of mine approached me with the question, “Why are girls so hard to understand?” He then began to rant about a girl he liked and the things she had been doing. My response was “All girls? What about me? You and I get along great.” Then he informed me that I was “different”. I began to think about why many girls confuse men. Why they act prissy and catty. I was on the search for knowledge. To find out why many girls act as they do, and why some girls are different.

     Could the problem be simply in how girls are raised? Let us assume that all girls raised in my type of situation will become tomboys and therefore easier for men to understand. These girls make the transformation into tomboy when they are basically raised by the male gender. Tomboys often played with boys, played with action figures, learned how to fight, and even made fun of other girls because of their lack of strength. Typically, tomboys have Penis Envy.

     Now, if the Pansy girls are the opposite of tomboys, then they must have been raised in the opposite way. They were dressed in pink ever since infants just so the mother would not have to answer the question, “What is it?”. Their mothers gave the child pink dresses with matching shoes and a little change purse to put their sample lipstick in. They go to church and become outstanding people.

     Baking is a woman’s job and therefore the mother must teach their little Pansy daughter how to make some good pumpkin pie, to share family recipes and please their future husband through his taste buds. Cleaning is also important to the Pansy children. They would help mommy with it because the children need to know how to make a sparkling-clean house, for when their husbands come home from a long day at work.

     Pansy mothers told fairy tales whilst tucking their girls in bed. These fairy tales made the girls think that no matter what, there was a knight in shining armor out to make them happy for the rest of their lives. When dating, this fantasy that Pansies have make them dump boys based on the perception that they would not be good husbands to them, and would not be of any worth in the future. Pansies want that American Dream to come true.

     Pansies were bought dolls instead of G.I. Joe's and He-man action-figures, which represented violence and masculinity, so were discouraged greatly. These dolls such as Barbie with her little friend Skipper start the Pansies feeling like they must look slender, and leggy, and have shiny long hair to meet society’s perception of beauty. As the Pansies grow up, the media starts to tell them how to look and what the consequences are of not looking good. They begin to feel that if they don’t look good, they won’t get a man, and without a man, no American Dream. The result of this wonderful system is often the feared disorder Anorexia.

     Now, these boys that they date can be so “hard headed” at times. They never “understand what I want and what I need”. By now, the have realized that they are the big, bad gender that must protect their women. Unfortunately, the Pansies have accepted this as true, and with every passing day, they have acknowledged their inferiority. Look on the bright side, Pansies; You don’t need to deal with a “complex” that keeps you strong.

     People just don’t understand; girls cannot be inferior because they can control men. Women can easily control a man with one simple word and that one word is all it takes. "No". Being a man can’t be so great if you are forced to think with your hormones and not your brain. It makes them easily controlled. Guys always want the girl that looks beautiful and feminine, but they cannot tolerate the Pansy behavior because they don’t understand it. So, what do boys really want? A Pansy that has the looks but comes with some stress, or a tomboy that is not very feminine, but understands.

     I bet you didn't know raising a child was so complicated, huh?

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