Gen. NoNutz Writes:

Me, my pal, and his cat (who is the devil) are planning on invading Delaware as phase one of our world domination plans (No taxes, brilliant, ain't it?). When we do so, we're going to be introducing our new Math system, which is basically the old system, without Subtraction, The ability to carry a value of 1, and the Number 4. Do you guys think it needs any more refinement?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper:  I like this guy...

Conscience: Refinement? Refinement? You come here telling us you will conquer the world through Delaware with a devil-incarnate cat, and you ask us if your plan need refinement?!? That's ridiculous!

Reaper: Yeah! We all know that Janet Reno is the only Devil-incarnate right now!

Stinger: Really? I thought it was Linda Tripp?

Reaper: Well, really, you can narrow it down only between Janet Reno and that monkey a the zoo who spends the entire day staring into space while masturbating...

Stinger: Bobo is a good monkey! How dare you try to slander his name!

Conscience: I should have known I wasn't going to get much back-up from you two...

Reaper: Anyway, Yes. Your plan needs more refinement. If you want a good base for world domination, you want to hold a position that no one will blow up. Secretly, the government has been dying to blow up Delaware.

Stinger: Who isn't?

Reaper: If you, your friend, and Satan-Puss take over Delaware, I doubt they'd think twice before bombing your ass. 

Stinger: Delaware smells funny.

Reaper: If you want to take over something they will never blow up, I suggest you occupy the pen at the zoo that holds Bobo the masturbating monkey.

Stinger: Good idea. No one would ever bomb a masturbating monkey. They are priceless...

Reaper: To reward us for our advice, after you take over the world, we would  like to own California, Florida, Canada, and France.

Stinger: Um... why France?

Reaper: We need to put the garbage somewhere...

Conscience: You people are disturbed...