Howi Writes:


One of MY voices keeps asking incessantly, over and over again, how long it will be before judge judy comes on. It only ever shuts up when I'm actually watching judge judy. What should I do?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: I suggest you tell your voices to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Conscience: Reaper! That was un-called for! What you should really do is...


Stinger: I'm deeeeeeaaaaaad sexy...

Conscience: Reaper! Stinger! Please! This man has called upon us for help!

Reaper: Shut up you PUSSY!!!!!

Conscience: No! Ok, Howi, I would suggest you have a caring circle with your voice. Explain that Judge Judy can't spend all of her time helping entertain people. She needs a life too. Also, drill a hole in your head, then shove a TV-Guide into the hole so he/she can see when she will be back. Do the other voices agree?

Reaper: No... But I think someone deserves a good beating... Maybe later. Howi. The answer is simple enough. Judge Judy is a bitch. If your voice likes her, your voice must be evil. Set your head on fire. This should get into there and kill the voice. Eventually, the requests for Judge Judy will stop.