Mystery Man Writes:

     If three guys walked into a bar and the fourth one ducked would there be a dent in the bar? And if not, would it be do to the fact that they were decapitated, and if so would they have a "hangover" and wouldn't they then have to have a headache which would mean that they would have to have hit the bar with their heads leaving a dent in the bar?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Hmm... Yes. Yes it would.

Conscience: What? You mean, you understand this, Reaper?

Reaper: No... but since when have I let a little thing like not knowing anything stop me from commenting?

Stinger: He's got ya there...

Conscience: Um... yes... okay... that's nice... anyway... I think I'd ask the mystery man a few questions... for one, you you have a history of mental instabilities?

Reaper: Ya know, that's kind of funny... having a voice in the head of a schizophrenic accuse someone else of being crazy...

Conscience: Oh look, Einstein over there has found an irony. Give the man a cookie.

Reaper: Cookie?!? Where?!?

Stinger: Um... he was being sarcastic, bud...

Reaper: That wasn't very nice...

Stinger: I know... anyway, I think I can answer the question. If a duck walked into three guys carrying a bar into an over-hang, you must remember that every fifth dog has to urinate sometime.

Conscience: Um...

Reaper: Very nice. Now then, Where's my cookie?

Conscience: There is no cookie.

Reaper: Dammit!!!

Copyright Josh Johnson, 2000