Mike O. Writes:

Which one of your fargin icehole voices got abducted?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Huh? What? Who?

Stinger: What? When? Where?

Conscience: Um... I think he is referring to that clone pic. You know, the clone that got abducted by aliens last night? He was asking if any voices in that clones head got abducted with him. He must be worried about their whereabouts. 

Stinger: Oooooooooh.... ok. Um Yeeeeeeees. A clone *wink* got abducted *wink* and he had some voices in his head. None of the voices are us though. IT was a clone. His voices were just cheap rip-offs of us. But they are ok!  So don't worry yourself over them. They weren't killed when the clone got a ruthless series of anal-probes and the voices got impaled on a drill! No! They just went to a happy place with Santa Claus! And the Easter Bunny!

Reaper: Don't forget Janet Reno!

Stinger: How could I? Anyway, don't you worry one bit. No harm came to the clone and the voices. 

Conscience: Oh... And before this ends,  fargin icehole? What?

Reaper: It's new slang, you know!

Stinger: Yeah! You fargin icehole moodaphoka!

Conscience: Um...

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