Mike O. Writes:

Your voices have migrated to my head. Make them go away!!!!!!

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Uh oh... that means... that means... they got away... how did they get away? HOW DID THEY GET AWAY!?!

Stinger: They? Who are they? Oh shit... you don't mean... uh oh...

Conscience: Um... Let me elaborate on my friends terror; Those of you that visit the other areas of this site on a regular basis know that our host has clones... well, occasionally, due to some minor flaws in the cloning process, his clones will develop voices of their own. This is dangerous, because the voices in the clones heads are clones of us... evil clones... they behave the exact opposite as we do.

Stinger: Yeah! And they even endorse the use of pants!

Conscience: Um... among other things... well you see, these clones needed to be destroyed. There was no other choice. There were 2 clones that had the voices. Killing the clone is hard enough, but we also must destroy the voices. We got both clones, and we got one set of voices for sure... but we were not sure if we got the other set until now...

Reaper: Kill! Kill the carrier! Kill!

Conscience: Reaper! That isn't needed! We can get them out without destroying him! We just need to get his address so we can talk him through it... yeah... that's it... talk...

Stinger: We can? But I thought the only way to get the voices is to crush the skull of the carrier.

Conscience: Dammit you moron! Um... well... I guess we're screwed... There is now a person with an honest, moral, set of voices... wait, why am I against a group of moral voices? 

Reaper: Because if you stand against us we'll hurt you.

Stinger: Yeah! I mean, we probably irreparably hurt this man by turning him into something good! He might be even a shrink or something like that... Ekk...

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