My name is Josh, I am a man, and I love women. I think all women are wonderful and powerful creatures. That said, you girls have a habit of asking some rather stupid questions - Questions you probably don't want the answers to. But hey, curiousity is a healthy thing!

   That's why I created this website. Now whenever one of you ladies ask a question that the men in your life don't feel comfortable answering, they can just point you to this handy resource and save everyone some time. So have at it. This is the psychology of men. Love it or leave it, but whatever you do, don't say you weren't warned.

Chapter 1: What Are You Thinking Right Now?
Chapter 2: My Boyfriend/Husband Looks at Other Women. Am I Doing Something Wrong?
Chapter 2-B: My Boyfriend/Husband Looks at Other Women While I'm With Him!
Chapter 2-C: My Boyfriend/Husband Looks at Pornography! Is it Wrong to Feel Insulted?
Chapter 3: Why Do Guys Masturbate?
Chapter 4: What Do Guys Look For in a Girl?
Chapter 5: Why Wont My Boyfriend/Husband Give Me A Straight Answer When I Ask How I Look?
Chapter 6: Why are Men Obsessed with Lesbians?
Chapter 7: Why Do Men Like Breasts So Much?
Chapter 8: What is "Male Bonding"?
Chapter 9: Why Do Men Get Jealous So Easily?
Chapter 10: Why Do Men Say They'll Call, When They Know They Wont?
Chapter 11: Why Are Men Who Sleep Around 'Players', When Women are 'Sluts'?
Chapter 12: Why Are Men Afraid of Commitment (Marriage)?
Chapter 13: A Guide to "Getting" Guys
Chapter 14: Why Do Men Have So Many Double Standards?
Chapter 15: Why Do Men Want to (Insert Kinky Disgusting Thing Here)?
Chapter 16: All You Ever Need to Know About Erections
Chapter 17: Why Are Some Men Quick to Tell You They Love You?
Chapter 18: Why Do Men Cheat?
Chapter 19: Why Do Men Want Naked Pictures of Women They Know?
Chapter 20: What Do Men Think of Overweight Women?
Chapter 21: Why Do Men Hire Prostitutes?
Chapter 22: Why Do Men Prefer Younger Women?
Chapter 23: Why Are Men So Sex-Obsessed?

    The "What Men are Really Thinking" project is an ongoing one! Check back often, and feel free to send me an email at JoshJohnson@EgoDriven.Net if you think you've got a question I've missed.

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