Why Do Men Get Jealous So Easily?

     Many words can be used to describe Men as a species. "Horny" is one of them. As is "Gullible", "Egotistical", and "Single-Minded" (Yes I know that is two words stuck together. You don't need to point that out). But one word that almost always applies when talking about men, is the word "Hypocritical".

     You see, A man will stare at a hundred different girls while standing there with his girlfriend. That same man will openly drool over the attractive waitresses breasts as she bends over to take his order. Yet, if that man's girlfriend takes so much as one passing glance at an attractive male waiter's ass... well... that man will pitch a fit. The question before us today is, Why will a man that openly appreciates the bodies of other females get angry when his girlfriend looks at another man? The answer is actually really simple... Because the woman is his property.

     Now wait a minute. Before you women get ready to send me an angry letter laced with death-threats, just hear me out.

     Men, for as long as anyone can remember, have been territorial animals. It started with land. Men would seek out what land they want, fight to get it, then they make jackasses of themselves trying to defend it until some larger man comes along and takes it from them. 

     Eventually, due to some bad judgment-calls, men started to think of women as property. The same rules that applied to land were carried over. A man would seek out what woman he wanted, he would fight to get her, then he would make a jackass out of himself trying to keep her until some "larger" man shows up and shows that woman that the first man had a small penis.

     Yup. That's right. Why don't men like their women looking at other men? We have small penises. We know we have small penises, and we know that the other guy you are staring at has a larger penis then we do. We think that if you look at him long enough, you will realize how much larger a penis he has, and leave us to be with him... and his penis... make sense? Good. Glad I could be of some assistance.

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