Why are Guys obsessed with Lesbians?

     Ah, good question. You see, regardless of how open-minded a man is towards alternative life-styles in general, most heterosexual men have a general fascination towards lesbians. More specifically, Lesbian sex. I had assumed that the reasons behind this were fairly well-known... apparently I had assumed wrong... no problem.

    So, Why are most men obsessed with the idea of lesbians having sex? Because we all secretly hope and wish that those lesbians are in fact bisexuals. Yup, that's right. Why do men get turned on by the thought of two women having sex? Because we want more than anything to join them.

     A major male fantasy is that of a threesome, having sex with two women at the same time. Now, as I stated in an earlier question, men are obsessed with sex. What I managed to leave out there, is that men are perfectly willing to fool themselves into thinking they have more opportunities for sex then they really do. If a man walked in on two attractive women having sex, and the women had sworn off men completely, he would still be thinking, and honestly believing, that if he waited long enough they would ask him to join in. 

     So there you have it. Men like lesbians because we are capable of tricking ourselves into believing that we could really "score" with "these two lesbo chicks". 

     On an unrelated note, the answer to this question is probably the biggest and best argument I have ever seen for the statement "Men are stupid".

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