My Boy-Friend/Husband looks at other women While I'm With Him!!!

     This section answered the question "Why Do Men Look At Other Women When They are In Relationships?", but I have gotten a request to expand it because I left one thing a mystery; I never mentioned that men will occasionally gawk at another beautiful woman while we are standing directly next to the woman we are currently dating, engaged, or married to... 

     So, there you are. You are sitting with your man, eating dinner, and all of a sudden his jaw will drop and he will stare blankly at the shapely legs of the woman that just walked by. Did he forget that you were sitting right there? How can he be so insensitive?!? Why is he such an asshole to drool over that 20-something floozy while you are right there looking at him?!? The answer to all these questions and more can be found in the following statement; Men are stupid.

     Not to say that there are no intelligent men. They do exist, I tend to think of myself as one (I'm also quite modest, if you can't tell), but men as a whole, Men as a species, are primitive. You may be going out with the most intelligent man in the world, and he may love you more then anything in the world, but as long as he has a penis, he is subject to it's whims. 

     Still, when a guy looks at another female, it's almost never meant as an insult to the girl he is with. I hate to sound crass, but really, most of the time it's just that the man recognizes and appreciates a good ass when he sees one. I'm not saying that you are wrong to be angry about this. From your point of view I can understand that it could be hurtful.

     Please know that he is probably not doing this to be malicious towards you, and if it really does bother you that much, just threaten to with-hold sex until he stops. That is what you people do whenever you are angry, isn't it? Women...

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