Are Men Really More Obsessed with Sex than Women?

     Of course we are! I know that women enjoy sex, some of you as much as (or more so than) any given man... But, if you look at each gender across the spectrum, it's clear one side is far more sexually motivated than the other. The real question is, Why Are Men So Sex-Obsessed?

     The easiest answer is that sex is generally harder to come by for men than it is for women. While I wouldn't recommend it for several obvious reasons, if you're a woman who only wants to find a man to have sex with, you could find one in about 10 minutes at practically any bar.

     As a result, even the most sensually-minded women don't need to actually think about sex any more often than they actually want to have it. Whether you're single or in a committed relationship, if you're a woman and you want sex, "getting some" is as simple as asking.

     Not true for men! Not only is it generally more difficult for most men to meet women, but even if a man is in a long-term relationship, he's only going to be having sex when his partner is similarly in the mood.

Men do not need to be "in the mood" to want sex. Men always want sex. Always.

     It doesn't matter if the man just lost his job, or if his dog died. Hell, a man's whole extended family could have died in a car accident an hour ago, and even if the guy is genuinely distraught, he'll still not turn down a blowjob. In fact, he'd rationally assume that it would make him feel better, and encourage the action.

"This is just the form my grief is taking... Let me get you a towel."

     So why is it that men are more sex-obsessed than women? Because we have to work for it. We're the hairier, bumpier and smellier half of the species, so we have to constantly be thinking of ways to make you ladies forget about that, and let us put our penises into your vaginas.

     In conclusion, I'll revisit a theory I first published a few chapters back that may also help towards the sexual imbalance: The equivalent of our clitoris is literally dangling between our legs at all times. If you felt some degree of sexual stimulation every time your thighs brushed together, you might become a bit obsessive yourself...

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