Why Do Men Prefer Younger Women?

     It's true, most men do prefer younger women. You've probably always known it, but some of you have experienced recent heart-breaking reminders of this fact. Whether you're 46 and your man left you for a 26-year-old, or you're 26 and he left you for a 19-year-old, it hurts just the same.

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     So let's get down to WHY men like younger women.

     There are a lot of complex factors men weigh when they're evaluating a woman.

  • Appearance
  • Fun / Sexiness
  • Values in Common
  • Intelligence

     Note the order. If a man has a choice between a woman with wrinkles and one without, he may not invest the time to get to know both their personalities well. He's likely to make a hasty decision (we make a lot of those) in favor of the young woman.

     And then there are the times when personality is a big factor, and the younger woman still wins out. It's a harsh truth, but most of us, in addition to our physical decline, become less fun with age. And nothing drives people to become jaded, cold, complaining worriers faster than being in a stale relationship.

     When a man leaves a relationship like that, you shouldn't be surprised if the next woman he picks is a younger one. The new girl may offer a fresh perspective that makes him feel young again himself.

     It also has something to do with how we see ourselves. Men want to lead lives of adventure. Would James Bond still be James Bond if he bedded a woman over 40? Maybe, but not if he stayed with her for the whole movie. Nobody would buy a ticket to see Daniel Craig romance a woman half as craggy as he is, because there just wouldn't be enough glamor - or risk - in it.

     Sometimes the Bond girl is an evil henchwoman, and sometimes the real-life young girlfriend is a shallow, skanky gold-digger. Men know there are risks, and take them, because we want to live the kinds of lives that people would buy tickets to see.

     So every woman must be in constant danger of losing her man to the next generation, right? No, don't worry. Healthy relationships don't get destroyed by this phenomenon. Men don't make big, risky changes to their lives when they're happy already.

     If the two of you still have some of the spark that brought you together in the first place, if you still relate to each other and you're not repulsed by the thought of growing old together, you stand a good chance of doing just that. Just because some men are obsessed with trading in for the younger model, doesn't mean a man who loves you would give it a second thought.

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