Why Do Men Cheat?

     If you're one of many women reading this page because a man you trusted turned out to be someone you couldn't, let me just start by saying "I'm sorry to hear that." Not all men cheat, but many do. And any given cheating man will have any of a million possible reasons for his actions, all as unique as a hurtful and insensetive snowflake.

  • I didn't think it counted if I was out of state.
  • But your sister came onto me!
  • She owns an HDTV, with Blu-Ray, and I'm sick of watching "Lost" on a TV from 1993! I have needs!

     Every man will say something different, and while some of them may even believe it, the answers they give never really cover why it is that so many men succumb to temptation, even when they're not necessarily "bad guys".

     The answer is actually so simple it's infuriating. It's not so much that men who cheat are scum, so much as it is that the men who don't cheat are heroes.

     Don't get me wrong, men who cheat are scum. Sneaking around behind your partner's back to fuck some skank in the bathroom of "Ruby Tuesdays" is never anything less than a scummy act. That said, as a man, I can tell you from personal experience that when an attractive woman walks up to you and whispers "I want to suck your dick" into your ear, the only thing harder than saying "No" is the erection that her statement induced.

     The truth of the matter is that men don't view sex the same way that women do. Most men don't feel that sex has to involve any more emotions than "happy", and "horny". They can, of course. During sex with my girlfriend I often have thoughts like "I love you" going through my head. Though at any given moment I'm just as likely to be thinking "God damn my penis feels good in this vagina!" Men are funny like that.

     So sometimes a man will decide that his love for a woman is less important than his love of having his penis inside a vagina, and he will go stick his penis in the next vagina he sees. Or maybe he never meant to cheat on you. Maybe he really does love you, and he just "lost control". Like I said, there are a million different reasons a man can tell you for why he cheated on you, and often the man himself will believe them.

     And maybe you'll believe one of his reasons too. Who knows, may even be true. Life is complicated, and sometimes stupid people can make stupid decisions in a split-second that can change not only their lives, but the lives of the people around them.

     Should you forgive a man who cheated on you? How the hell should I know! I'm just a schmuck with a website (Thanks for reading, by the way). If you really love him, you believe he really loves you, and you're both willing to work through a difficult situation, then maybe you should forgive him. Learn as much as you can about the situation, weigh your feelings, and make a decision.

     Remember; No one knows more about what's best for you than you. And don't ever forget it.

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