Why Are Some Men Quick to Tell You They Love You?

     When you're in the early stages of dating and a man who you may or may not know very well at all tells you that he loves you, it can be a very confusing situation. I understand that. So here I'm going to explain why some men will tell you that they love you at a time and place where you're not really sure you believe them.

Possible Reason #1: He's Trying to Make You Happy

     Simple enough. Maybe he thinks that's what you want to hear, and while he's not sure of exactly how much he cares about you, he at least cares enough that he'd say something he's not sure he believes himself because he wants to make you happy. A somewhat noble, though often misguided, idea.

Possible Reason #2: He's Trying to Get Laid

     This we've covered in more depth in other chapters. Men really, really like sex. Sometimes a guy who only really cares about your body will tell you that he loves you because he believes that's what you want to hear, and he thinks you'll be quicker to have sex with him if you hear it sooner. Some guys are pigs, it's an unfortunate fact of life. But...

Possible Reason #3: Maybe He Actually Loves You

     This breaks my heart; I know so many women who have had bad experiences in the past with men who weren't worthy of being in the same room with them, and because of that, they automatically distrust the intentions of every other guy they ever come in contact with.

     Look. I know that I talk a lot about how men are sex-obsessed, and that it can often be detrimental to our relationships. But that doesn't mean that all men are so obsessive that they're going to lie to you to get you into bed. I know that relationships are a complex thing, and that they can be scary.

     I personally have been burnt more than once in the world of love and dating by a partner who was dishonest, and I understand the temptation to assume that the other person is trying to manipulate you. It's only smart to be cautious. But there's a word for being overly cautious: "Paranoia". And that can be just as detrimental to a relationship as anything else.

     Keep an open mind, folks. Maybe a man is lying to you. Maybe he's not. Feel it out, and when you think you've got enough information, make a judgement call one way or another. Just keep one thing in mind:

A Man Isn't Automatically a Slimeball Just Because he Wants to Have Sex With You!

     Keep that in mind, ladies. Eventually, you'll be glad you did.

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