Why Are Men Afraid of Commitment (Marriage)?

     Good question, good question... Valid question; It seems more men are afraid of marriage then are afraid of a herd of stampeding pigs trampling their testicles into bloody pancakes. But why? Simple. Freedom. 

     Most men enjoy many freedoms far into a relationship. A man in a non-committed relationship still enjoys many guilty pleasures, such as a night out with the guys, and eating ice cream straight from the carton. Walking naked through the apartment, or the occasional allowance of rough anal sex. You know, innocent little freedoms that mean the world to them. Even when their significant other swears to them that these pleasures will not cease to be acceptable after marriage, in the back of the mans mind, he knows that there is a bigger risk of a wife saying “No” to something then a girlfriend. And a greater chance of the wife enforcing that mandate.

     Really, to an extent, it’s hard to blame some of these men for being afraid. One of the big draws of marriage from a woman’s point of view is security. The knowledge that the man they’ve claimed is theirs, and will not be off without them doing something stupid. But to a man, that “security” is exactly what frightens them. The second that ring goes on his finger, he knows his days of living in a strip-club and soliciting prostitutes for blowjobs behind the 7-11 are over. He knows that his life must change, and even if that change is for the better, it can be scary.  

“Wait, wait… you mean now that I’m married, I CAN’T keep fucking other women? Who came up with these rules?!?”

     Obviously in some cases that may be over-stating the issues a bit, but the point remains; Marriage means an end to at least some of the behavioral patterns that they’ve become accustomed to. Why they’re frightened really isn’t that big a mystery. The bigger question is what you can do about.

     And really, I can’t help you much there. Unless you’re willing to put “After we’re married, I promise to still let you fuck me in the ass"” into a signed and notarized contract, it’s pretty hard to invalidate their concerns. Just let him know you love him, and hope that’s enough.

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