Why Are Men Who Sleep Around "Players"
If the Women Who Sleep Around are "Sluts"?

     Good question. Well, like most of the questions published here, the short answer; Men are idiots. But if you want a more logical explanation, I'll try to accommodate. 

     Well, while this is obviously a sign of men being hypocrites, it may surprise you to know that this is not malicious. Most of these men that would call a girl with equal-or-less sexual experience to themselves a slut, have a medical condition referred to as "Testosterone Poisoning".

     Basically, this means that these poor unfortunate men have an excess build-up of the male hormone testosterone, which is seeping into their blood, making its way up into their brains, and is making them think that they are virile, wise, and attractive Hugh Hefners, when in fact they have more in common with, say, a viral, ignorant, bleeding anus. 

     In short, as I've said before, Men are hypocritical idiots. If you're looking for a better explanation, I don't think there is one. But let me leave you with this little pearl of wisdom; 

     Men tend to make less snide comments about your sex life after you've kicked them in the nads with a steel toed boot.

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