Why Do Men Say They'll Call, When They Know They Wont? 

I get this letter a lot...

Dear Josh,

   I have been dating my boy for about 2 months, and just last week I made love to him. He said he'd call the next day, but he didn't... I thought that maybe he was just detained for the night, and surely he would call tomorrow, but as the days passed, he still didn't call! 

   I try calling him, but he has caller ID and never picks up when I call... Why wont he talk to me?


                  A. Woman

     If you can't tell from the "signature", that isn't an actual copy of a letter, but I get many letters very similar to that one on a regular basis from many a disillusioned young woman... I can very rarely bring myself to tell them the truth, so I've ignored such letters up until now... but I think it serves everyone best if I just say it...

     Your "boy" isn't calling because he got what he wanted; a piece of your ass.

     That's pretty simple. Some guys are assholes, and only care about sex. If that is that case, and they get to have sex with you, then depending on the quality of the sex (Sorry, I know that's cold, but it's the truth), they may decide that they no longer care about you. Sorry...

     Now, some of you women out there are saying right now; "But Josh! I was going out with my boyfriend for 10 months when he stopped calling me, and we NEVER had sex!"... Just look at the phrase "10 months", and the implication "no sex", and then make your own conclusions as to why he stopped calling...

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