Mankovic Writes:

Dear Voices,

As I sit here mulling over the empty bottles of hop laden refreshment that litter the room, a quiet and solitary mood engulfs my senses. The crimson colored traces of Love, spite and jealousy now cover the walls of this prison residing deep inside my head. I am aware of only one thing....HATE. Is this normal, or should I stop drinking? I would ask my wife, but she's not very talkative right now......Please help.


The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Well, it is obvious that you suffer from acute depression. I don't know if it's caused by the drinking, but I am fairly certain the drinking is making it worse...

Stinger: Ignore him, Mank. He doesn't know the true wonders of alcohol.

Conscience: Stinger! This man is obviously suffering! Him getting drunk and forgetting the problems is only temporary! 

Reaper: I agree with you, Conscience!

Conscience: Really? I wasn't expecting that...

Reaper: Well when you are right, I will agree! Getting drunk is only temporary! Which is why Mank needs a steady supply of pain-killers!

Conscience: What?!?

Reaper: Trust me, I have it all figured out. Mank first gets really drunk, I mean hammered beyond all recognition, then we get him to jump off a building!!!  

Conscience: WHAT?!?

Reaper: Relax! It wouldn't have to be a tall building... maybe 3-4 stories. He jumps, he breaks a few bones, gets put on some "Happy Pills" to make him feel all better all the time. Fuck beer, give the man Codeine. 

Conscience: I am appalled by your suggestion to abuse prescription medication! 

Stinger: Abuse? No abuse involved! I'm sure he wouldn't fight with the pain-killers! There would be no unloved child as a result of using the codeine! He would not be sleeping in a separate bed from the codeine! I'm sure he would love the codeine and treat it with all the respect it deserves!

Conscience: You... are a moron...