Keiyosonim Writes:

1) How does it feel to know that your mother is getting the cock she so desperately needs?

2) Which is more of an attractive specimen: an Asian woman tied and gagged with clover clips on her nipples while being brought to orgasm with a pipe cleaner or Tipper Gore?

3) When are you going to stop jerking off and practice your musical studies you ungrateful little bastard!!!

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Hmm... I get this funny feeling we know this one from somewhere...

Stinger: Um... we do... He'd be that funny little fuck with the drum sticks who keeps yelling "Practice"!

Reaper: Oh yeah... he smells funny...

Stinger: Yes... and he always needs Josh to read things for him... apparently all that Viagra he takes has given him permanent blue vision...

Reaper: That's not all that's permanent... he seems to have a new bottle of hand-lotion every week...

Conscience: Um... no he doesn't... you are just going after him for making a joke at your expense.

Reaper: Um... you're right... We joke around all the time. He doesn't like hand-lotion... he prefers peanut butter. He even has that jar of peanut-butter with a condom over it as a sex idol.

Conscience: Um... Didn't you make Josh give that to him as a gag gift?

Reaper: I didn't know he'd actually try to gag himself with it! 

Conscience: Ok... wonderful... more insulting... I never understood this... why do friends insult each other? I don't get it... wait... you insult me all the time... does that mean you consider me a friend?

Stinger: No... we consider you a joke... anyway, on to the questions!

Reaper: For question number 1, the answer is simple: I am going to kill you.

Stinger: For question number 2, the answer is equally simple: Tipper Gore. Duh...

Reaper: And finally, for question number 3. Stinger, take this one... when is the masturbating going to stop?

Stinger: When you pry Cyclops out of his cold dead fingers.

Conscience: Now wasn't this... educational...