Jeff Writes:

Do you guys think Britney Spears is a slut?


The Voices Reply:

Stinger: Yes. Yes we do. The question is, do you think otherwise? 

Conscience: I don't understand what everyone has against her. She seems like such a nice young girl...

Stinger: Yes. Nice, Tender, Juicy, All of these words come to mind when I hear "Britney Spears". But she is still a slut.

Conscience: Why do you say such horrible things about that poor girl?

Reaper: Cause it's the truth...

Stinger: Yes. She is 18, yet she already has breast implants. She wore a tight, white tube-top to an award show for children. It was cold there. She performed a mockery of rock-and-roll by butchering a Rolling Stones song while wearing nothing but some fishnet with some "Pogs" covering her nipples.

Conscience: Um... well... It's kind of hard to argue with that...

Stinger: Exactly. I think I can wrap this one up fairly quickly with a vote. Down the line, Slut or Misunderstood innocent girl?

Reaper: Slut.

Stinger: Slut.

Conscience: Well, I guess by your definition she is a bit over-sexual at times...

Stinger: See? Even the prude agrees.

Conscience: I didn't say tha-

Reaper: Shut up.

Stinger: Britney Spear: Slut.