Jeff Writes:

A friend of mine seems a little crazy. He talks to walls and stuff and says he talks to people like you. Should I believe him? I've got nothing against the voices, but the talking to walls bit seems weird. Can ya help him out? Also, Stinger and Reaper, You guys ROCK!


The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Hmm... yes, yes. I must agree... We are good. But I'm afraid you're gonna make my head swell...

Stinger: Hehe... you said "Head swell"... hehe

Conscience: Must you always do that?

Stinger: Yes.

Conscience: Why?

Stinger: Because apparently I rock!

Conscience: Thanks Jeff... now I'll never get them to shut up...

Reaper: Oh you know you love us... Anyway, I don't see any problem here.

Stinger: Yeah. Voices are perfectly healthy. And so is talking to the wall, if you are talking to the right ones.

Conscience: Um... What?

Stinger: If the people who live in the walls are good people, then there is nothing wrong with it. If the people in the walls are bad people, then your friend is talking to bad influences.

Conscience: You are a complete and total moron.

Stinger: You are just jealous that you don't rock.