Fun Stuff

                        Ok! Well, I figured the majority of the stuff I'll put up will be one-shots. Anything I write that doesn't get it's own section will be placed here, because... well... I don't know... Don't ever ask me to explain myself again!!!

The "Meet Charles" Experiment - Need a date, ladies?

Smart-Asses Flock to Me - Who wants cake?

Words of Wisdom - Thoughts of a "Jack-Handy-esque" Nature.

T'was A Bit Before Christmas... - If you are one of those people that takes Christmas really seriously, You probably Don't want to read this...

T'was A Bit Before Christmas, Part Two - Because I LIKE flogging dead horses.

Ways to Tell Your Friends You Love Them  - Love poetry gone horribly, horribly wrong...

How to Break-Up with Someone  -  If poetry can win a heart, it can also be used to crush it quickly, and amusingly.

Interview with Voltaire - Interview with underground "Goth Folk" artist, and notorious director, Voltaire.

Oh Daddy! - Oh I do so love George Bush...

The Hate Mail Hall of Fame - Don't ya just love hatemail?

Pick-up Lines - 30 of the best, if not most demented, pickup lines ever. Some are old classics, some I made up myself. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Proof that the "Clone" pictures are Real! - Who wants to see my ass?!?

The Demented Happy-Face Dance - Ever see hamster dance?

The "Holy Shit, You're a Guy!" Prank - Funny, funny shit...

Archived Items

     Some of my work is dated. After a page's life-span is over, I will keep it here. Preserved forever, just because I'm too stubborn to delete it.

The Campaign 2000 Coverage - The 2000 elections are over, but I figured I might as well keep this around.

Cyclops for President in 2000 - This one isn't really dead... just on hold until 2004... I am dedicated to bringing my penis to the White House!