EvenBall Writes:

            If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Wow... An old question. Also unanswerable...

Reaper: No its not.

Conscience: Um... yes it is. You are just saying the opposite of what I'm saying, aren't you?

Reaper: No!

Conscience: Then what sound does it make?

Reaper: It goes "CRUNCH!"

Conscience: How do you know?

Reaper: A little bird told me.

Conscience: Real mature... I have that finger too, you know...

Reaper: Well I heard a tree fall! So I know! 

Conscience: You can't know. If a tree falls in the forest and someone is there, then that person knows what sound it made, and the question doesn't apply. The question is that if no one is there, and no one is there to witness the falling, does it make a sound?

Reaper: Yes.

Conscience: Why.

Reaper: Because I have heard a tree fall. It makes a sound.

Conscience: AAAHHH!!!

Stinger: I have a message from the head. He says that he will remain neutral.

Conscience: You got a message from the brain? I didn't know that you communicated with that as well...

Stinger: What does the brain have to do with anything? The message came from the head that our host thinks with.

Conscience: Did the Head's actual message involve grunting?

Stinger: How did you know?

Conscience: GET ME OUT OF HERE!