5-15-2003  - "Flashbacks Suck"  


Josh: I don't know why, Doc. I just really distrust all religion at this point.
Therapist: Josh, I want you to think back. Did anything happen to you during your childhood that could cause a resentment towards religion?
Josh: Well... wait... something's coming back to me... It was when I was 9...
Father O'Tool: Now remember Josh, Jesus only loves little boys who swallow.
Young Josh:



Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

    I've been busy. Very very busy. Lots of masturbation. Lot's of work. I can't combine the two though, because I work at a bakery, and the health department frowns on that sort of thing... I don't know why, what do THEY think goes into the cream cheese danish?

   More coming soon.

- Josh Johnson   

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