4-23-2003  - "Gotta Poo! Part 3"  


Mom: We're here. Get out.
Josh: Ok, look, I know we argue from time to time, but come on now. This just isn't funny anymore!
Mom: I find it hilarious. Out of the car.
Josh: Be reasonable! My colon is yelling at me!
Mom: Yes, I can smell that. Get out of the car, go in there, go "poo, go to class.
Josh: ... Have you ever made an enemy of an irritated anus?
Mom: Does your father count?


Hey! Yeah! So! I sure didn't update for a month! Haha, um, yeah, oops...

   Well then... I know I said I wouldn't be slacking off here, I apologize, I promise it wont happen again without damned good reason, and fair warning.

   Anywho, yeah, been pretty busy. I moved recently. I'm now living in a small town in Maryland called Laytonsville. It's verily depressing. The only ethnic group in Laytonsville is "Honky". The only black people here wash dishes at the only restaurant, the only asians work the night shift at the 7-11, and the only hispanics... well... they shop at the 7-11. Long story short, I live in Corporate, USA.

   But, yes. On EgoDriven notes, I will be updating this section again, sometime before next year. Like, before next week. Yes.

- Josh Johnson   

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