3-8-2003  - "Gotta Poo! Part 1"  


Josh: Mom, we need to go home first... I have to poo... badly...
Mom: Poo? Um... There are bathrooms here. Go on and "poo" now.
Josh: Have you seen men's bathrooms? If I sit on a public toilet, I'll get herpes and die.
Mom: ...
Mom: You have problems.


Hey again.

   This is part one of a three-part series entitled "Gotta Poo". Erm... yeah... I'm creative enough to pull 3 strips out of this concept! Yay for me!

   Notice, this strip does have actual images other then pitch dark. Yes, it is the same image in every frame, and yes, it has no color. I'm trying a rather rarely used approach. Don't worry, I am going somewhere with it. Again, bare with me, chances are you won't be disappointed.

   As far as my life goes, I'm working a lot. 9 hour days, plus classes, plus trying to hold together the scraps that make up my personal life. That should give you an idea of why I've been neglecting egodriven. Sorry about that... I'm hoping to rectify that with this comic, and a few new sections for the site that I am currently working on in my spare time. 

- Josh Johnson   

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