Devil Monkey and YoYo Write:

Do you believe in Paganism?


Have the Voices ever drank 21 pints of milk in a half hour?

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Wow... Interesting mix of questions... One, semi-serious, and the other is the standard swill that makes me wish I was never created by a massive head-injury in the first place. 

Reaper: Um... right...

Stinger: Why Conscience, I didn't know you felt so strongly against the topic of religion!

Conscience: But I was referring to the question about the mil- oh... smart-ass...

Stinger: Thank you. Anyway, I'll handle the best question. Ahem; No, Our host has never drank 21 pints of milk in a half-hour. At one point though, he did drink 21 pints of Baileys Irish Cream, but since he thought it was half-and-half at the time, it's really nothing to brag about.

Reaper: Sure it was! He should be damn proud! I had never seen anyone puke like that! He should be honored! That had to be a record, with the distance he was getting...

Stinger: Good point... I actually remember the look on that poor gas-station clerk's face... it must have taken weeks to get that stuff off the "Slushie" machine...

Conscience: Um... yes... anyway, as for the question about our host's religious beliefs, No. He is not a Pagan. He isn't anything. He is an Atheist. He does, however, have a great respect for the pagan religion. I don't know why he feels so strongly towards it though.

Stinger: I know why.

Conscience: Um... well... I know I'll regret this, but fine. I'll bite... Why does Josh respect the pagans so much?

Stinger: Josh respects everyone who's beliefs and traditions at one point involved dancing naked around a fire. I think the exact words he used were "Whoa... dude... those pagans sure know how to party..."

Conscience: I knew I shouldn't have asked...

EgoDriven.Net would like to take this opportunity to point out that we really do respect the pagan belief structure, and hope that the Pagans that read this understand that any remarks against them are just gags in the name of comedy. 

 Copyright Josh Johnson, 2000