Devil's Child Writes:

I have been to your site many times, and I am really curious, how big is Cyclops?? CYCLOPS ROCKS!!!!!

The Voices Reply:

Stinger: How big is he? HOW BIG IS HE!?! Do you ask how bright the sun is?!? Do you ask why a rose is red?!?

Conscience: Um... great. If there is one thing Stinger doesn't need, it's encouragement to talk about Joshes penis...

Stinger: Cyclops's size should not be measured by inches... or feet, as it is... but by way of his heart... 

Conscience: Since when do penises have hearts?

Reaper: That's not supposed to be taken literally. I mean, penises with hearts? That would just be silly! 

Conscience: Oh... of course... silly me... the penis ran for president, but the idea of him having a heart is "silly"...

Reaper: Now you get it!

Stinger: Whenever you see a child laughing, Cyclops is there... whenever two lovers meet on a rainy April day, Cyclops is there... 

Conscience: Um... no...

Stinger: Basically, Cyclops is love. Love in it's purest form. And can you truly measure love? Hmm? Can you tell me how long love is?

Reaper: Apparently, Love is 9 inches long.

Stinger: There you have it.

Copyright Josh Johnson, 2000