Mistress Deidre Writes:

Damnit!! Why can't some guys accept that they aren't good in bed? When I tell them something like that, I'm not lying!!!

The Voices Reply:

Stinger:  Because you lie.

Reaper: Exactly. 

Conscience: Um... What?

Stinger: Well, you see, Women are conniving, manipulative whores who will say anything to get what they want from you. Saying "You aren't good in bed!" is their way of trying to guilt you into buying them more things to make up for her claims of sexual inadequacies. 

Reaper: Sing it, brother!

Conscience: Um... why are you convinced that all women are evil?

Stinger: Because we can't get them.

Conscience: And you blame the women for that? Our host looks like a white, bleached-blonde, Steve Urkle.

Reaper: He does not! Our host is dead sexy, so shut up!

Stinger: Yeah! Our host is built like a Greek God! And he is so smooth!

Conscience: Smooth? Do you not remember his most used pick-up line? "I lost my teddy-bear, will you sleep with me?"

Stinger: I wrote that, asshole!

Conscience: And you call it smooth? It really doesn't help that he tends to not be wearing pants during his "Propositions"...

Stinger: Hey! Those girls were anti-social! They would have slapped him regardless of what Cyclops was doing at that moment!

Reaper: Anyway, Deidre, You are obviously a lying whore. Have a nice day.