Write in Cyclops!

     Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you. Look at our choices for president! Bush or Gore... some choices... but what do you do? Do you just not vote? No! Vote! It's your duty as an American! But check "None of the Above" and write in "Cyclops Johnson"! Your vote can make a difference by showing the other candidates that you aren't going to take their bullshit! You can make a statement by saying "I would rather vote for a dick then for those two dick-heads!"


          Good day, friendly voters! While we were reading the morning papers, me and my penis got to talking. After a intellectual conversation that you can view by clicking here, we decided that all the major presidential candidates really wouldn't make good presidents (For a brake-down of the two major players in real life, visit the semi-serious "EgoDriven's Campaign 2000 Coverage"). 

          After I made a simple joke, Cyclops decided he would run for president! For those of you that don't know, Cyclops is my intelligent penis with a wonderful ability to speak "Penisese". While only I can understand what he is saying, I assure you that he is the best "man" for the job. Looking at the polls and seeing Bush in the lead tells me something important: You people must really want to be fucked over. It just seems fitting that you are fucked by a penis.

Interview With Cyclops - To show you where our fine candidate stands on the issues, I had a long talk with him about some of the more important things. Here are the transcripts.

      You can talk to Cyclops! Send your messages of support to Cyclops@Egodriven.net and I will make sure Cyclops responds to as many of them as he possibly can!

Be sure to put the official "Cyclops for President" button on your homepage and link it here!

Copyright Joshua Z. Johnson, 2000