Cyban Writes:

            Conscience; Do you get beat up alot?

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Sadly, yes... some people have no respect for voices with higher intelligence...

Stinger: What's that supposed to mean?

Reaper: Yeah! Are you trying to say we aren't as smart as you?

Conscience: Well I-

Reaper: Well you what? Huh? You think we can just finish your sentences? Huh? Answer me when I talk to you, boy!

Conscience: But I-

Reaper: Shut up, boy! You think just because you were in the head of some fancy brain surgeon, that you are better then us?

Conscience: I didn't say tha-

Reaper: Shut up! No talking! Damn foreigner! Just because you come from some distant head, you think you are better then us local voices, huh?

(Conscience sits quietly)

Reaper: What?!? You don't think I deserve an answer?!? That's it! We are going to play a little game... some role playing, if you will... I'M GONNA BE IKE, YOU GONNA BE TINA!

Conscience: Ekk!