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9:30PM: We arrive at a diner she knew of that had good milkshakes and a smoking section. While we eat, Morgan fawns over a long scar on Charles' back. She apparently digs scars. Other things discussed; herpes, penis size, music, and homosexuality. We also heard more stories from Morgan's sexual past, some of which were quite impressive. On an unrelated note, I serenaded the love birds with a song I wrote about premature ejaculation. It goes something like this;

"Da-Da-Da, On your face!"

I sung it a cappella, but the real version is highly repetitive, and goes with a throbbing techno beat. Expect the CD soon.

10:30PM: Morgan says her Percocet has worn off, and tells us that if we don't get her to her home soon for more, we'll regret it. We believe her, and start driving home.

"Must... get... more... drugs..."

11:00PM: We arrive at Morgan's home and decide to hang out for a while. She introduces us to her cat. I can't remember for sure, but I believe she said the name of the cat is "Pickles." I could be wrong... but look at the fucking cat. It's either "Pickles" or "Hannibal". She leaves us alone for a while and goes upstairs. While we sit in her living room, the cat keeps staring at me. It got really freaky after a while.

"Love the pussy... Fear the pussy..."

11:10PM: She comes back down the stairs wearing a bathrobe, sits next to Charles, and turns on the TV.

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