This is Charles.

     Charles is an intelligent young man, with a good job in the IT field. He's in excellent physical health, and he has a wonderful sense of humor. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. 

Charles is a 24 Year-Old Virgin.

     He's a true sweetheart, but he's never even had a girlfriend. He's been kissed by three girls in his life. Two of them were my girlfriends at the time, who did it so he'd have slightly better personal statistics.

Charles Is Really a Catch.

     He treats women very well, but somehow is never seen as anything but "Just a friend".

Charles Wants to Date You.

The Date

Date One - Morgan

You Can Go On A Date With Charles.

I'm Josh Johnson. 

     Some of you should know me, I'm the owner of EgoDriven.Net and the principle writer. 

     This page isn't a joke. It's an experiment in human courting rituals. Any girl reading this can, and we encourage, to contact us and arrange a date with Charles. Charles and myself will come to you, and he will take you on a date. No pressure, no gimmicks, no contests. Just a date.

     Charles is one my my best friends. I consider this man the closest thing I have in this world to a brother, and I actually have a brother. Nothing on this page has been exaggerated. He really is an amazing guy, and anyone would be lucky to have him. 

   That said, if you would like to meet Charles, First make sure you fall into these categories;


The Experiment is Over.
This Site is Still Up for the Benefit of Future Generations.
Thanks for Reading.

     If you meet these simple requirements, email me at with the subject line "Charles", and we'll arrange the date. A written record of your date will be made, and a few pictures will be taken to share with the world in the name of research, and that is all we ask of you.

   Thanks for your time.

-   Josh Johnson, and Charles

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