Hello! I dropped the schizophrenic naked-guy act for a little bit because I saw something truly sad on the news: Our presidential hopefuls. I feel it my duty to do everything in my power to inform the public of exactly what they are getting into politically,. And let me tell ya folks; It ain't pretty. So with the startling news that I am going to handle this section fairly seriously, I give you...



       Now then! I think the best way for me to start would be by introducing the three major players in our wonderful little game. The following will be a little bit of background information. I won't be clouding things with my opinions until we get a bit further down the page.

Contestant Number One

       Al was born and raised in Carthage Tennessee, which he still calls his home along with his wife, Tipper, and his four lovely children. He ran for congress in 1976, where he served for 16 years until he was appointed the vice president of the U.S.A. After 8 years as vice president, he has accepted the nomination to run for president under the democratic party with his running mate, Joseph Lieberman.



Contestant Number Two

       George W. Bush Jr. is running for president under the Republican party. He is currently the governor of Texas, and is living there with his wife Laura. While in office as Texas state governor, he has set a record for state sanctioned executions. His running mate for the 2000 elections is Dick Cheney.


Contestant Number Three

         Harry Brown is an accomplished writer and a Libertarian role model. He has written 11 books that have sold millions of copies. He was the Libertarians presidential nominee for 1996. He received 485,759 votes on election day, which is the second highest amount for a libertarian candidate in history. Browne has a grown daughter, Autumn, and a wife, Pamela. He currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee.


        The information above is what little none-corrupt info I could find on the candidates. Sorry if Bushes summary is too small, but he apparently doesn't want people to know too much about his teenage years... or his twenties... or anything he ever did that didn't involve him becoming Governor of Texas... Oh well, if you want the biased bios on either candidate, their official sites are http://www.algore2000.com/ and http://www.georgebush.com/ . Bush and Gore... does that sound like a snuff-film to anyone else?

Update: Due to someone calling me on my laziness, I have included Libertarian nominee Harry Brown. For more information on him, go to http://www.harrybrowne2000.org/ 


     Hey! The presidential campaigns aren't over, so neither is this section! As the news happens, I'll update it.

9-06-2000 - In this update, I talk about Gore's obsession with debates, plus Bush's Potty-Mouth...

Opinionated Shit - A.K.A The Truth

     Alright! Down to reality! Now truth be known, I wish we could break the 2 term rule and give Clinton another 4 years. He wasn't a bad president at all. So what if he got head from an intern. Not exactly good behavior... but if you think Hilary didn't know about it the whole time then you are just plain gullible... But since I doubt I could change the law and get Clinton re-elected again, We really are narrowed down to the two puppets above. Click the candidates name to see my take on just how moronic the two are.

George W. Bush Jr. - This man will probably be the next president, and that scares the shit out of me.

Al Gore - This guy is obviously the lesser evil, but he still isn't perfect.

Harry Brown - A run down of the libertarian candidate.

Do You Disagree With Me?

    Contrary to popular belief, I welcome opposing view-points. If you disagree with me and have a way with words, you can write your rebuttal and send it to me at JoshJohnson@egodriven.net. If your writing is sound, (Meaning there are actual reasons, not "I am right because you are stupid") then I will publish it here and give you full credit. 

Brian's Views - The view of a Bush supporter.

Mike's Views - Equal Coverage of third-party candidates. 

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