Bubba Writes:

There is someone who says things about me behind my back...what should I do?


The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Hmm... A good, serious question. These are rare around here. There is a very simple way to handle this.

Reaper: Yeah. Kill him.

Conscience: No! That is not what I was talking about! You should confront the person! Tell him you know what he is doing and that he should stop it.

Reaper: Yeah. Then kill him.

Conscience: No! Why must you be so dismal? 

Reaper: I deal with stress. Anyway, Bubba? I have one rule when dealing with this kind of person; When in doubt; Set them on fire.

Conscience: I do not recommend that... at all... That seems to be Reaper's answer to anything. Don't understand something? Set it on fire...

Reaper: Well it works.

Conscience: How do you figure?

Reaper: Once I set you on fire, you won't be annoying me much longer.

Conscience: Um... um... um... I'll shut up now.

Reaper: Good. Glad you see it my way. Burn him. Next question.