Bong Writes:

My pet penguin likes to eat beavers.. but since he ate all the beavers, he has been trying to eat young school children.. what should I do?


The Voices Reply:

Stinger: Hehe... He said eating beavers...

Conscience: Stinger! Behave! We have to help this man beat his problem!

Stinger: Hehe... You're gonna beat it...

Conscience: Stinger!

Reaper: Yeah Stinger! Let him beat the penguin that eats beavers! Muwahahahahaaaaa!!!

Conscience: I swear this is like working with children!

Stinger: Hehe... He wants to work with the children while beating the penguin who eats beavers.

Reaper: Muwahahahahahahaaaa!!!

Conscience: We really should be helping him...

Reaper: Ok... fine. Hey bong. Why do you want to save these school children? What have they ever done for you?

Stinger: Yeah!

Reaper: I say, Tie the school children down for him! Nice change in diet, when you compare it to beavers! Why is the penguin eating beavers anyway? Don't they eat fish?

Stinger: Smells like fish...

Reaper: Muwahahahahaaaa!!! Thanks for the idea, Conscience! This "helping" thing is fun! 

Conscience: Don't blame me for this...