How You Can Help Destroy Pants

     Now, I'm sure a lot of you readers are seeing my words of wisdom and thinking "But Josh, What can I do to help eliminate all pants in this crazy world?" Well on this page, you will see a multitude of suggestions on how you too can be an AntiPants Activist.

Petition Government Officials: You can write long letters explaining your concerns, then send them to your state's governor, or if you are feeling particularly angry, you can send your letters and petitions to the President (Or Prime-Minister, or even your Queen, if you live in a country that has one). Remember people: Government officials are there to serve you. You have the right to tell them of your grievances, and demand action!!! If you are in some country other then the USA, you'll have to find the addresses on your own. But if you live in the US, I'll give you a head-start. Use these to contact the current Pro-Pants President of the United States with your grievances.

     Snail-Mail Address:     

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

     E-Mail Address:

Petition Pant Companies: Go straight to the source! You can send (Polite) letters of disapproval to a pant manufacturers. I personally recommend writing up a formal petition with your statement of protest at the top, and then get all of your friends, family, and neighbors to sign it as a show of support. 

Passive-Resistance and Other Protests: You can do many things in your community to make sure your local clothing stores know how strongly you feel. You could start a boycott of a store until they agree to stop selling pants, or you could arrange a peaceful assembly nearby to make sure that all the innocent people that are about to go into that store know just how evil they are, so they can re-think their buying needs. If you have somewhere it can be done safely, holding a pant-burning bonfire is always an effective and entertaining way of showing your displeasure.

Start a Local CAP: Yes folks, you too can start a local chapter of CAP (Citizens Against all Pants). You can rally your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone local who supports the cause. That way you can all share your own ideas for ending the tyranny of pants. Having a local chapter of CAP also comes in handy when organizing a public protest. To learn how to make a local chapter of CAP, contact

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