The Message

     I have made progress! An Alien contacted me, via email! Surely it must be a real alien, because no one would ever lie about something like that... I got this message!

     I am an alien and I am here to take control of the minds of the innocence children of earth. You would do well to beware for I have been watching you and if you do not cease your' rantings about our ultimate weapon (pants) I may have to have you fuffed.

     Now I have obviously hit a nerve with all of my anti-pants activity! The whole cow-mutilation thing wasn't a coincidence! They were after me the whole time! Don't worry, loyal readers! I will not stop my quest to educate you! I will, however, be very careful... I don't know what getting "Fuffed" involves, but I really don't want to find out...


Copyright Josh Johnson, 2000