The British are coming! The British are coming! Wait... no they aren't... what was it again? I always forget important things... oh yeah... The Aliens are coming! I have angered them and now I am quite certain they will come and kill us all... why? Because I saw Independence Day! I know that's what all these bastards do! So I have dedicated this section of my wonderful site to informing the people about the alien menace.

A Message From An Alien - An alien sent me an email! It must be a real alien! It must!

How I Angered the Aliens - Word to the wise; They don't like it when you interrupt their cow-mutilation... 

Aliens Q&A - You have to be informed.

What Does An Alien Abduction Look Like? - I have used advanced video technology with cutting-edge 3D software to show you what an alien abduction looks like.


Have any questions? Have you had any Alien encounters? Tell me. 

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