Aliens Questions and Answers

     There are lots of questions that I got asked when starting my informative "Aliens" page. I figured it would be easier to put them all in a Q&A section instead of giving each question it's own area.

Q: We know Aliens are evil, but what do we do if we encounter one?

A: You actually have to ask? Run you stupid son-of-a-bitch!


Q: When do you expect the Aliens to come?

A: Oh... they should be here any minute now... any minute... with their anal probes... epp... I hope they have the common decency to heat them first... anal probing would be bad enough, but with cold probes? Ew...


Q: What do you expect the Aliens to do to us?

A: Um... the lucky ones will be incinerated immediately. The unlucky ones will be subjected to cold anal probes.


Q: Um... Josh, We love ya bud, but have you been hit upside the head too many times? Are you smoking something? Evil cow mutilating human hating Aliens? I mean come on... Put down the bong...

A: Um... no...

Copyright Josh Johnson, 2000